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Reading helps you understand the world, writing helps you understand yourself.

Journaling has long been proven to enhance our self-awareness, objectivity, articulation, mental well-being, and ability to process and control our thoughts.

However, most men only write when necessary (text messages, school assignments, and social media captions.) As a result, they never truly tap into its profound benefits.

Exploring this further, I conducted a poll involving over 2,000 male participants, and discovered that men are drastically more likely to write when they have a purpose, like authoring a book, working as a journalist, or creating content.

In response, I created: CONFIDENCE: A 30-DAY JOURNAL. It’s filled with thought-provoking questions, prompts, advice, and inspiration designed specifically to give your writing habit purpose.


  • Explore the foundations of confidence and define what it means to you
  • Identify and leverage your personality, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Embrace the lessons hidden in both success and failure
  • Challenge self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts
  • Set realistic and measurable goals that align with your aspirations
  • Push your boundaries and expand your comfort zone
Confidence: a 30-day journal