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Dating coaching

Coaching tailored to your unique dating challenges. Combining techniques, inner work, and practical exercises to help you love your dating life.

Whether you need a quick chat, a 12-week intensive coaching plan, or anything in between, I’m here to keep you accountable and directional.

  • “I’m scared of rejection.”
  • “I’m terrible at texting."
  • "I feel unworthy of love."
  • "I want my ex back."
  • "I feel like a loser."
  • "I'm not funny or interesting."
  • "I don't make enough money."
  • "I'm too nice."
  • "I can never think of a good opener."
  • "I hate modern dating."
  • "Dating apps make me feel ugly."
  • "I'm a 36-year-old virgin."
  • "I'm burdened by childhood trauma."
  • "Women always friend-zone me."
  • "I can't navigate modern dating."
  • "I lack confidence."
  • "I have no dating experience."
  • "I'm too short."
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Matt Macdonald - men with manners


Take control of your thoughts and behaviour, and learn to embrace your personality, strengths, and weaknesses.



Garner skills to improve your confidence, mental health, charisma, and resilience.



Enrich your understanding of women, modern dating dynamics, and relationship psychology.

Matt Macdonald
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Matt and Amie
Developing confident, mentally strong gentlemen through psychological insights, personalised coaching, interactive coursework, and the support of a diverse, like minded community.

Tells you what you need to hear, not just want you want to hear. I'm not in the business of soothing your ego. I'm in the business of helping you achieve better future outcomes.

Takes time to explain the methods behind my teachings. Too much dating advice tells you what to do without explaining why.

Wants to end our working relationship ASAP. My goal is to help you overcome your challenges as quickly and painlessly as possible. My point is, I'd never drag things out for the sake of making more money out of a client.

Meticulously uncovers the best approach for you. A lot of dating advice is ineffective because it doesn't take into account people's unique personality traits and learning styles.

Techniques that work for extroverted, visual learners won't necessarily work for introverted, theory based learners. Just as a gentle tone doesn't help someone who responds best to tough love. Just as "Purposely get rejected by 50 women tonight and you'll overcome your fear of rejection" is terrible advice for a man whose self-esteem is already at rock-bottom.

I take the time to understand who you are and how you best learn to ensure our results are efficient, effective, and purpose fit for you.

Allows you to keep your conscience clean. I oppose manipulative pickup tactics, contrived Alpha and Sigma personas, and subscribing to Redpill ideologies.

My coaching philosophy is rooted in psychological insight and practical strategies, advocating for men to be confident, gentlemanly, and authentic.

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Besides successfully coaching more than 250 men, I've helped tens of thousands more through my blog, Q&As, webinars, courses, eBooks, and newsletter.

What sort of clients do you work with?

I work with men from all walks of life who are ready for positive change.


Some may struggle with self-esteem or self-worth, while others need guidance to navigate the modern dating scene.


If you're someone who values growth, authenticity, and are willing to put in the work to improve your dating life, you are the kind of client I work with.


My goal is to help each individual discover and amplify their own unique value.

Is dating coaching right for me?

If you're unsure, the best thing to do is to Enquire now so we can book a discovery call.


Discovery calls aren’t about me trying to convince you we should work together (I turn away more clients than I engage.) They’re an opportunity for us to mutually decide if your challenges require coaching, and if we're compatible.



What sort of work is expected of me?

Your commitment and active participation are crucial to the success of our coaching sessions.


This includes engaging in thoughtful conversations during our sessions, actively practicing new skills and techniques in your day-to-day life, and completing homework assignments that I’ll tailor to your unique needs.


These assignments usually involve self-reflective exercises, reading, practicing communication skills, or other activities designed to improve your confidence, self-awareness, and approach to dating.

Do you work with clients in the US?

I work with men all over the world.


As it stands, I've worked with clients in more than 30 countries.


Given many of my clients live in vastly different timezones, I work odd hours to ensure I'm available when they are.

How many sessions will I need?

This is something I can answer once I’ve assessed your time and financial constraints, challenges, and goals during our discovery call.


On average, I work with clients for 8-10 60-minute sessions.

How many clients have you coached?

To date, I've coached over 200 satisfied clients.

Are our sessions confidential?

Absolutely. This is often a concern from clients, particularly as I have an Instagram account where I post client stories.

In these instances, I rarely use actual names, and when I do, it’s only when I have explicit permission.

How much does each session cost?

This varies depending on the length and frequency of our sessions. For exact figures, click enquire now.




Developing confident, mentally strong gentlemen through psychological insights, personalised coaching, interactive coursework, and the support of a diverse, like minded community. (6)-1
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