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4 unrealistic ideas perpetuated by motivational posts on Social Media

Social Media is ripe with content aimed at motivating, but proving to make men feel inadequate.

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1. There is no middle ground between a high-achiever who grinds for twenty hours a day and a loser who will never accomplish anything in his life.

Many motivational posts imply that unless you are spending every waking moment pursuing your dreams, that you’re a loser who will never find any fulfilment in your life.

A man is capable of becoming financially successful and intellectually fulfilled working in a position that also allows him adequate time for his family, friends, recreational hobbies and interests.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to shoot for the stars, but don’t believe that anything less is shameful.

2. High-powered jobs mostly involve boozy lunches and photoshoots in your private jet.

Motivational posts love to make high-powered jobs look sexy. While an element of them surely is, they mostly involve many hours spent on administration, countless long-winded meetings, unpredictable solo travel schedules and the responsibility of constantly making difficult decisions.

If you’re capable of handling all of this, then you may well have what it takes.

If you’re only considering the boozy lunch and private jet elements, perhaps you need to reconsider your ambitions.

3. Successful people always handle failure effortlessly.

Motivational posts often suggest that successful men recover from failure effortlessly. While those at the top of their game may seem to, failure does and always will hurt to some degree.

The first few times you fail, you’re bound to feel particularly angry, bitter, disappointed or cynical. Don’t allow the presence of these emotions to make you believe that you don’t have what it takes to eventually become successful.

Rather, just as many successful men have done before you, with each new failure that inevitably comes your way, look to reduce the time spent feeling negative.

4. Looking forward to your weekend means you hate your job.

Some motivational posts suggest that looking forward to your weekend is a sign that the rest of your week is a waste of time.

Some people look forward to their weekend as they see it as an opportunity to rest and recuperate after a week spent working in a role that brings them great enjoyment. Some look forward to time spent with family and friends. Some like to go on dates on the weekend.

Looking forward to your weekend is nothing to feel guilty or inferior about.